Isetta Related Websites
  • Isetta Owners Club of Great Britain (IOCGB) - This is a great resource for anyone who has a British built Isetta.  They have access to almost every part that you can think of for you Isetta.  Plus the club is made up of some very knowledgeable people when it comes to these cars.
  • IsettaWorld (IOCGB web forum) - Have a question about your car and need an answer fast?  Join the online discussion over at IsettaWorld.  You can find technical drawings and Isetta articles that have been submitted by members here too.  This online forum is run by the Isetta Owners Club of Great Britain.
  • Richard Lewis's Restoration Site - You can see a couple of pictures of his project here on  But if you want more, and I mean a lot more, then check out his site. 
  • Isetta Source - This site has a pretty detailed Isetta history section worth checking out.
  • Bills Isetta and BMW 600 - Have a engine or tranny that needs to be rebuilt?  Then head over to Bill's site and take a look at all of the services he offers.  He also has a lot of 600 parts available for purchase. 
  • Free Car Brochures - This site offers a ton of differen't vintage auto advertisements.  The Isetta ads can be found here.  The coolest part is that they are all high-res scans perfect for quality wallpapers. 

Isetta Parts Resources

  • Isetta Owners Club of Great Britain (IOCGB) - Great source for British built cars.  Note: You do have to be a member of the club to order parts from the club, but you can view the spares list to see what is available before joining.  The spares list can be viewed here
  • Isettas "R" us, Inc. - If you need quality parts fast order from Werner Schwark.  I have ordered a lot of parts from Werner and I have been happy with every single part that I have received from him.  If I ever need something, Werner is the first person that I call.  Shoot him an email with everything you need at  Also be sure to ask him about his catalog
  • - You have probably seen some of Leo's stuff on eBay, but he also has his own web store.  I ordered a muffler and some gasket sets from him and overall I am pleased with his products.  Pictures of the exhaust can be found here, here, and here
  • The Bromely Bubble - David Tadman of The Bromely Bubble can take care of your British built Isetta needs.  He even stocks the impossible to find front turn signal rubber boots!
  • Hans Rothkegel - Hans has a wonderful catalog with exploded view diagrams of the entire car.  You can almost order everything that it would take to build a new Isetta from him, I'm not joking.  Shoot him an email and he can send you the catalog in a pdf.  I have ordered parts from him so I can vouch for his quality products.  He also makes it easy to order from him becasue you can pay through paypal.  Some examples of his parts can be seen here, here, and here.
  • Harrington Group - I ordered a set of door hinges from them and I am very pleased with the quality of the parts.  They also have a really cool line of all stainless steel bumpers.  They are polished to a chrome finish and have a lifetime anti corrosion warranty.  The look beautiful and I have heard good things about them.  I may pick up a set for our car depending how much it is going to cost to re-chrome the originals. 
  • ItalianMetals eBay store - !!!!!BUYER BEWARE!!!! Purchase from Claudio at your own risk.  Examples of his "quality" parts can be found here, here, here, and here.  Not only will he refuse any kind of refund for a defective product, but he will blame you for the part being that way.  Common excuses that he uses are:  "You must have installed it wrong," "You are a dishonest buyer," "I have sold these around the world and never had any complaints."  I have been in contact with 10 fellow Isetta owners and 1 Fiat 600 owner that have had a bad experience with him.  On a side note, I have noticed that he quit selling the door handle that I complained about shortly after I filed a claim with paypal to get my money back. 

Isetta Compatible Parts

  • Spark Plug - NGK B7HS
  • Rear Shock Absorber - the FRONT shock for a Chevy LUV truck pickup, 2WD 1972-1980.  It is larger in diameter than the original rear shock for the Isetta, but it measures the same length when extended and contracted.
  • Air Filter Element - NAPA Part Number 2977.  It looks exactly like the original and only costs $10.50 
  • Tires - BF Goodrich 480x10.  These can be ordered at your local Les Schwab Tire Center or  I actually found that it was cheaper to have Les Schwab order them for me then to have Coker ship them to me directly.
  • Battery - A common lawn and tractor battery works just fine.

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