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As excited as I am about my own restoration I would love to see your Isetta. The "Your Isetta" section of is an area where you can post pictures of your car. Yes I know that you can do this at a host of other sites, but to go along with your pictures I would like you to submit any stories that go along with your car. In essence I would like to create a Isetta biography area.
If you are interested in being featured on, send me a email with all of the information listed in the guidelines at the bottom of this page. Send your submissions to

Richard Lewis Richard Lewis's Beautiful 1956 "Rally" Isetta.  Michael Barney Michael Barney has one heck of a 1957 Bubble Window Isetta.
Jerry Zabin Jerry Zabin and his original 1957 Isetta Convertible. Fred Parker Fred Parkers Isetta has the power to back up that flame paint job.
Tim Morris Tim Morris's wonderfully restored 1958 Isetta.

 These are just general guidelines if you have more that you want to add, then by all means go for it, be as creative as you want.

1. What is your name?
2. Where are you and your car located? (City, State, Country)
3. How long have you owned your Isetta?
4. What other information can you tell us about your car? Examples: The story of your restoration, or how you obtained your car. This is pretty open so have fun with it.
5. I will post up to five pictures of your car. You can send me more, but do to limited webspace I will only post five.

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