1957 Isetta Convertible Jerry Zabin                              

What is your name?  Jerry Zabin

Where are you and your car located? Chicago, IL USA

What information can you tell us about your car?   It was found in a garage in Chicago where it sat for almost 30 years, covered and untouched!  Amazingly, it has ZERO rust and was a stock original convertible!  We have done extensive mechanical work to this car including complete brake system and brake lines, full exhaust system, new bushings, interior, etc. etc. It runs REALLY well and the original paint has held up pretty darn good for 50 years!


I work in a high school and the image above is of our Autos teacher with some of my students.  The students go CRAZY when I bring this little car! They love it!!  The other picture located below is me with my cousin as passenger, just about to take a zip around the neighborhood this past summer. His first ride in an Isetta!

Jeff and Jerry A differen't Isetta next to a Escalade

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